Our approach is simple...

We want to do ministry for the people who do ministry for children.  This means we will come alongside, partner with, guide, listen, talk, pray and dream with you. We want what you want...a place where real ministry to children happens.

Our story...my story

It's Not Childcare was born out of repeating that phrase in my head and heart, and even out loud over 18 years in Children's Ministry.  As a person with a passion for teaching God's Word and for creating fun and exciting environments for children, I had the opportunity to learn firsthand how to build, lead and maintain thriving ministries. I enjoyed a career I could never have dreamed possible, and now I love partnering with other ministry leaders who are doing the same thing.

Who We Are

Penny Harrison

Owner and Primary Consultant

"I love kids, but hate changing diapers. Bad smells and dirt don’t bother me; germs and snot don’t scare me. This is the life of a Children's Pastor, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

This was my bio for the last 11 years of my 18 year career in Children's Ministry.  That tongue in cheek bio was true, but what it really meant was that I wasn't afraid to get in the mess of ministry if it meant I could reach a child's heart for Jesus.  Children's Ministry is often overlooked in the Church. It was- and still is- my prayer, goal and dream to make sure every church body, senior pastor, church leader and especially every child knows just how important children are to the Kingdom.