Saying “yes” one more time

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but then again, I also never thought of myself as a Pastor. I am still in awe and wonder of how I was blessed and lucky enough to minister to children for 18 years.  I've often said that if anyone had told me when I first said, "yes" to the Lord about volunteering in Children's Ministry that I would one day be an ordained pastor leading a ministry, I would've called them crazy and then run like mad. The reality is I only had to say "yes" to the thing in front of me at the time, not the whole enchilada.  I guess starting a ministry consulting firm is the same.  I am saying "yes" with no idea how, or if, it will turn out. It's not childcare is no longer just a phrase and battle cry, it's a business. My business.  And, just like always, God is in control.

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